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Because there is no reason to spend the second half of your life on your own...

  • The site is a direct result of Charlotte Cory’s BBC Radio 4 comedy series THINKING OF LEAVING YOUR HUSBAND? a cautionary tale for our times that aired earlier this year. The series (now also a book), featured Sarah the heroine, walking out on a stale, rather joyless 20 year marriage: “I was approaching my 50th birthday. One morning, I looked at my husband over the breakfast table and thought: Is that it?

    Charlotte Cory   Artist / Writer

  • By tea-time I had packed my bags, and left. Simple as that.” Only of course, it was not so simple. Sarah goes to live with a man she hardly knows, and when that relationship fails – as such relationships borne of desperation tend to – she finds herself on her own; 51 now, coping with a difficult divorce and wondering what on earth to do next. It is then that a friend suggests internet dating…

    Charlotte Cory   Artist / Writer

  • Sounds familiar? Then maybe this site is for you. We don’t all leave our marriages, we are not all left by dissatisfied spouses. And we don’t all go internet dating. But in many ways we do all start again, one way or another, at fifty. It is an exciting, ffun, ffantastic, ffairly ffrightening time. And this site is designed to help everyone help themselves to make it ffabulous…

    Charlotte Cory   Artist / Writer

  • If you are wondering if Sarah’s story is in any way biographical, wonder no more… After the friend shows Sarah how internet dating works, Sarah thinks: “What have I got to lose, may as well give it a whirl!” One thing leads to another, leads (after some pretty hilarious but disturbing encounters) to Sarah eventually meeting the man of her dreams. A kindly, charming, otherworldly, brilliant professor of mathematics. Well, reader, in June last year, I married that kindly professor of mathematics.  To read more about my story click here.

    Charlotte Cory   Artist / Writer

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